Controls & Sensors with X2 Operating System

Compact programmable PI-universal controller
Cabinet mounted communicating PI-universal controller
Wall-mounted Controller and Sensor
Duct mounted communicating PI-universal controller and sensor
X2-Operation Terminals
Remote and built-in operation terminals
EasySet Tool
Technician software to configure and manage X2-series products
EasyX2 App
Mobile and desktop App to find and operate your Vector X2 controllers in your (W)LAN
X2 Operating System
Operating system for sensors and controllers

What is the X2 Operating System

The X2-Operating system consists of a standardized method to operate and configure a range of controllers and sensors. The system is built on pre-programmed control and function blocks which can be configured using a parameterization routine. All X2-type products use the same philosophy and can be configured using the same tools and methods. All X2-type products can be configured using the standard operation terminals, the PC based tool EasySet™ from Vector Controls or remotely through bus communication where available.


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